Quantitative Hedge Fund Product Launch

Quantitative Hedge Fund Product Launch

  • 19 Aug 2005
  • Ascend Capital

Co-designed and launched Ascend’s Sequoia Fund, a fundamentals-based long-short equity product for US small and mid-cap companies. Developed an end-to-end management IT platform including the stock selection algorithm and portfolio rebalancing system featuring multiple risk controls (market, sector, value). The platform was fully automated, incorporating more than a dozen complex 3rd party data source imports as well as maintenance of multiple very large high-breadth 3rd party databases. The platform automatically generated complete pre and post trade report packages, short borrow requests, trade orders for multiple OMS’ and all investor reports.

  • MS SQL Server
  • MS Data Transformation Services
  • MS Exchange
  • Visual Basic .Net
  • Crystal Reports

Sequoia was consistently ranked #2 among its peer group in the Credit Suisse/Tremont Hedge Fund Index over its initial two years. Successfully raised $130 million dollars for the product and successfully executed $1.8 billion in trades over a two-year period.

*  Editorial comment: this is Sequoai Fund, not Sequoia Capital.