Ionic3 Mobile App

Ionic3 Mobile App

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Hybrid mobile app for a client in the Financial Sector recruiting industry. The app is used by Agility 360’s candidates to manage their personal profile, receive and respond to job offers, interact with push notifications and receive curated news and job search advise. The app is available for iOS and Android.

Tech: The app is built on Ionic, which itself is built on Angular2, a Javascript framework. A pleasant convenience of Ionic is that it is possible to build a web version of the app alongside the native mobile versions. The app runs securely over https and is built on a serverless architecture to support a REST API, plus a WordPress content management system for curated news and other custom content delivered to the app.

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App Technology Features

  • User authentication and app usage analytics by AWS Cognito
  • Web version of app:
  • Digital content delivered via AWS Cloudfront
  • REST api via ASW API Gateway
  • Curated content via WordPress running on AWS EC2 instance