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I’m an American full stack developer with significant experience with classic backend stacks and front-end frameworks including AWS, Django, Angular, React, and WordPress. I am a veteran of multiple startups and early-stage ventures with dozens of successful product launches in multiple industries and markets around the world. I advocate for open source, try to keep things DRY and well-documented and when possible I adhere to the principals of 12-factor development. I’m a passionate learner and frequent blogger, currently interested in machine learning, AI and quantum computing.

I lived abroad for 25 of the last 30 years, in Mexico, Western Europe and SE Asia. Prior to that I earned a B.S. from University of North Texas with majors in Computer Science and Mathematics and minors in Physics and English. You can read my full bio here.


  • Skype : mcdaniel0073
  • : lpm0073@gmail.com

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My Specialities


Hybrid mobile apps with Ionic + Cordova, and responsive web apps developed with Angular, WordPress, Ruby on Rails, and pure HTML5; all following agile methodologies and backed by AWS' infinitely-scalable suite of web services.


Well-rounded business analyst specializing in predictive analytics, forensics and algorithm analysis using Excel/VBA, Octave and R. Extensive database and data science background.


Installation, configuration, customization and training of the Open edX learning management system and course development studio. Author of one of the industry's most important technical technical how-to blog sites.

Want to see code samples?

I'm constantly experimenting with new GitHub libraries and coding techniques. Click here to see some of my all-time favorites.




Complete professional web sites and web apps using WordPress, Django, Angular, and Ionic


Mobile & IoT

Turnkey hybrid mobile apps with Ionic-Cordova. Complete IoT designs with Android-DragonBoard.



Efficient, highly-available and horizontally-scalable infrastructure designs for LAMP and .Net on AWS



OLTP and BI designs & programming for MySQL and MS-SQL Server. High-availability designs for MongoDB, and MapReduce problems on Hadoop.



Create and maintain continuous integration strategies using GitHub, Capistrano, Jenkins, Chef, and Puppet


Machine Learning

Applied Linear Algebra, AI and Neural Networks designs and coding using Octave and Python scikit-learn and NumPy

  • Open edX 100%
  • Flask, Django, Angular, Ionic, WordPress 100%
  • MySQL, MongoDB, Hadoop, MS-SQL, Transact-SQL 100%
  • AWS, Linux, Bash, Ansible, Jenkins, Chef, Puppet 90%
  • English (Native Speaker) / Spanish (professional proficiency) 100%
  • Octave, MatLab, MS Excel, MS Excel VBA 95%
  • Javascript, Python, PHP, VBA, VB .Net, ANSI C, C++ 85%
  • Ionic, Objective-C, Swift 80%



  • Experience
  • Full Stack Developer & Business Analyst

    Full Stack Developer

    Web & mobile apps and cloud infrastructure using Angular, Ionic, Wordpress and Amazon Web Services.

    1999 - Present
  • edMex

    Board Member (Volunteer)

    Mexican non-profit organization dedicated to providing free online education to millions of disadvantaged learners across the Spanish-speaking world.

    2016 - Present
  • AWS Activate Program – Startup Mexico

    Program Director (Volunteer)

    Director of the AWS Activate program for Mexican entrepreneurs. Consult and advise entrepreneurs on how to leverage Amazon Web Services cloud services for their businesses.

    2016 - 17
  • M-Arca

    Board Member (Volunteer)

    M-Arca is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving access to basic healthcare and financial services to rural poor in developing economies.

    2015 - Present
  • Ascend Capital

    Data Scientist & Software Engineer

    Developed and operated Sequoia Funds, the U.S.' 2nd best performing quantitative long-short equity trading platform, managing more than $130 million dollars

    2004 - 05
  • IBM Seterus

    Director of Analytics & Data Warehousing

    (Previously Wilshire Financial Services) Led a team of 12 financial analysts to develop and track key performance indicators used to acquire heterogeneous whole-loan mortgages. Developed a real-time whole loan quotation system that was used to acquire…

    1996 - 98
  • Goldman Sachs

    Business Analyst

    (Previously Archon Group) Lead business analyst for the deployment of a global asset management system for Whitehall Funds, a global fund family dedicated to opportunistic real estate investments around the world.

    1994 - 96
  • DCB Investment Company

    Junior Investment Analyst

    Research analyst covering Mexico aspects of NAFTA trade negotiations for a Dallas-based family office.

    1993 - 94
  • education
  • Ruby on Rails Specialization

    Johns Hopkins University

    5-course specialization for Ruby on Rails full stack development, including course material on HTML5, CSS3, Javascript and MongoDB.

    2016 - 17
  • Fundamentals of Linux Administration

    Linux Foundation

    Comprehensive overview of the Linux operating system and related technology concepts including multi-threading, process management, memory management, device management, regular expression, and common Linux commands.

  • Business Analytics Specialization

    University of Pennsylvania

    4-course online certification program provided by faculty of the Wharton School: Customer Analytics, Accounting Analytics, People Analytics, Operations Analytics

    2016 - 17
  • Machine Learning

    Stanford University

    A broad introduction to machine learning, data mining, artificial intelligence and statistical pattern recognition.

  • Developing Applications in iOS

    Stanford University

    1-semester course in iOS application development, deployment and the mobile industry entrepreneurial ecosystem.

  • Entrepreneurial Studies Program

    SMU Caruth Graduate Institute

    1-Semester post-graduate program on developing a business plan, launching a business and raising equity capital.

    1993 - 94
  • Bachelor of Science

    University of North Texas

    Majors in Computer Science and Mathematics, minors in Physics and English

    1990 - 1992



"Lawrence is a non-stop problem solver. He is tireless in his drive to reach goals and execute on business plans. I would recommend Lawrence as a smart, imaginative, attack unit to deploy on any cross-border investment plan or technological challenge."

Sean Hundtofte

Doctoral Candidate Yale University

"I've known Lawrence for over ten years. During that time, I have borne witness to his clarity of vision. That is, his ability to cut through the fog of numbers that surround complicated deals and determine the viability of a project quickly. In a world where time is money, his discernment and diligence is invaluable."

Agustin Barrios Gomez

Federal Congressman Federal Government of the United States of the Republic of Mexico

"I had the pleasure of working with Lawrence on a significant opportunity in the specialty finance market during the GFC. Lawrence provided extremely valuable technical & financial expertise that allowed us to efficiently expand into adjacent asset classes that were perceived to be trading at significant discounts to intrinsic value. (more…)"

John Lundquist

Financial Analyst Värde Partners

"Lawrence has a unique and valuable skill set that proved very useful in the course of projects we worked on together. He is an exceptionally capable programmer and modeler. We put a couple of very challenging modeling/automation challenges in front of him he solved them fairly easily. (more…)"

Peter Gaul

Head of Real Estate Operations Macquarie Mexican REIT

"I have known and worked with Lawrence for many years, he is one of the smartest guys I know. Lawrence has an exceptional breadth and depth of skill that enables him to accurately analyze problems and opportunities, develop targeted plans, then execute on time and on budget. (more…)"

Danny Maco

Head of Telematics and Advanced Solutions at CSAA Insurance Group AAA Insurer

"I've worked with Lawrence on a number of occasions and at different companies over the past twenty years and have always been impressed by his work ethic, ingenuity and resilience. (more…)"

Cesar Hernandez

co-founder, CEO Agility 360

"I met Lawrence almost 10 years ago in Mexico City when he was starting Axia and in every interaction we have had since he has proven to be a very smart professional with an enormous capacity to put separate pieces of a puzzle together to the benefit of the company. (more…)"

Gabriel Manjarrez

co-founder, CEO Mimoni

"In the nearly 10 years I've known him, Lawrence has continually impressed me with his wide and impressive network of professional relationships, as well as his thoughtful and proactive approach to identifying and pursuing attractive market opportunities. He's a real asset to any collaboration."

Gautam Barua

Serial Entrepreneur

"Lawrence and I worked on a complex cross-border financing transaction together and not only did he demonstrate strong technical skills but he was also very creative and willing to think out of the box. (more…)"

Dann Wheeler

Co-founder Symmetrical Networks

"Lawrence is thoughtful, hard-working, and entrepreneurial - he has a thorough and realistic understanding of what it takes to do business in an emerging market such as Mexico. I will gladly consider investing in Lawrence's future projects."

Bill Duhamel

Co-founder Route One Investment Company

"I’ve worked with Lawrence on international financial and tax matters for nearly eight years. Lawrence is one of those rare people who can clearly communicate very complicated business transactions, in simple terms, that I can understand. (more…)"

Laurence Weinhoff

Co-founder Tax Squad

"I had the opportunity of working with Lawrence as an investment banker for the potential acquisition of a pool of distressed mortgages in Mexico. The transaction involved very sensitive discussions with a Global Financial Institution and required complex asset structuring capabilities (more…)"

James Magowan

Partner Lead Impact Investments

"It's rare to come across someone who can navigate both the US and Latin American business environments with ease, but Lawrence does it effortlessly. I've worked with Lawrence on a number of projects and admire his level of dedication, research and project management skills."

Elizabeth Helsley

Consultant Independent Manufacturer's Rep

"After collaborating with Lawrence over the last 5 years, I would describe him as: (more…)"

Pedro Zayas

Co-founder Mimoni

"I worked with Lawrence while at Axia. He is innovative and entrepreneurial. He both envisioned and executed his ideas"

Harry Krensky

Managing Partner Discovery Americas

"I worked with Lawrence McDaniel while GM of inov-8 in the Americas. I was searching for a distribution partner in Mexico to expand inov-8's Americas presence southward. He was a pleasure to work with and (more…)"

Chris Melton

Brand Manager of the Americas Inov-8

"Out of the box, smart and innovative thinker. It was a pleasure working with Lawrence feeding on his great knowledge of structured finance and business skills."

Nicolas Palacios

Chief Financial Officer Financiera Cuallix

"It was a pleasure working with Lawrence as his attorney on a number of projects. He is creative, smart, understands how business is done in MEX and the US, is able to translate between the two, (more…)"

Matt Galo

Partner Schiff Hardin

"Lawrence is one of the most imaginative, hardest working, and most socially gifted business and IT professionals I have ever worked with. Also, the man you want on your team in Mexico for sure. Always a pleasure to work with him. We have done some great things together. Highly recommended."

Steve Horne

Executive VP of Servicing Sherman Financial Group

"Smart, hard working and informed."

James Anderson

Portfolio Manager Tierra XP Latin America Real Estate


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